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My intention to choose this topic is to look at problems regarding of transitional stage of Iranian nomadic culture, cultural and political rights do to wrong political decisions, globalization, and climate changes.

The nomads are confronting dangers to their mobile livelihood and existence and culture. The preservation of their culture relies on supporting and speaking about their lifestyle.

This work offers some method to discuss and addressing the problems of nomadism. The movie reviews issues including discrimination, harassment, and losing identity, as well as cultural and political rights that happening to Iranian nomads.

The idea is to introduce and reinforce the importance of obtaining nomads culture, as one of the oldest cultures exists in Iran. Overall approach is to create a video art piece to address the violence happening to their culture.

My approach is performing and filming the act of digging and burying the nomadic clothes into the ground to show the violence that happening to their culture and to show that they culture is in the stage of dying.

Hopefully this performance challenge the audience to think in new and unconventional ways of understanding how is important not to lose a culture completely.