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The Broken Places


“The Broken Places” explores the experience of an Iranian migrant who went through an extensive journey to reach to Canada. The installation emphasizes on the shock triggered by changing the community, while showing the psychological and physical transition throughout her journey from the home country Iran to the destination Canada. Immigration is a complex psychosocial progress which mainly effects the individual life choices due to cultural differences. Besides, this action involves a thoughtful loss of national assets such as food, language, and of course family and friends, but as a matter of fact it is the change that let them go on with their lives. However mostly it moves towards a new types of problem, largely known as refugee and migration crisis.

This hybrid installation is a series of animated photo stills of an Iranian and Canadian migrate who feels she is “in-between.”  This hybrid film is reflecting the question regarding identity negotiation, self-reflection, and cultural translation, in which the memories of both lands and people are constantly revoking her to the point where she questions herself and in general the migration itself.